Comrade Detective – Season 1


Channing Tatum brought audiences behind the Iron Curtain with Comrade Detective, an action-packed 80s Romanian cop show. DM2 partnered with Amazon Prime Video to conceptualize and execute a social strategy that targeted both comedic and action audiences alike. The campaign highlighted the show's satirical take on 80s Romanian television through sharp wit and Cold War references. 


Our team was involved right from the inception of the social messaging campaign, establishing a voice for official social channels and executing the studio's creative vision. Capitalizing on the unique and buzz-worthy nature of the show through witty and creative messaging, we developed an engaged fan base. There was no shortage of conversation as we captivated comedy junkies with banter using sarcastic but humorous community management. The series launched on the streaming platform and gained serious fans who delivered a multitude of comedic reviews.