Digital Media Management partnered with Lionsgate for an authentic and dynamic social media campaign for Blindspotting. Our movie marketing campaign was unique in its nature because it leveraged talent and talent relationships to elevate and showcase the film. Our theatrical marketing campaign also touted the funny and intense sides of the movie to give the audience a look into the ever changing landscape of modern day Oakland, Ca. Through telling the story of characters Collin and Miles with integrity, we gave Blindspotting a platform for users to connect with. We were able to pull two very different narratives from the film to create an all-encompassing social campaign that introduced the audience to topics such as police brutality, gun violence, race relations, and identity.

Cut together from press day footage, Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal open up about working together and the road to creating Blindspotting in this featurette.

Fans and critics alike were raving about Blindspotting and we created animated videos highlighting the positive reviews. Using Blindspotting’s themes as inspiration for our videos, we successfully elevated the extremely positive sentiment the film was receiving.


Blindspotting’s strategic social campaign objective was divided into three parts:

  1. Leveraging critical review
  2. Engaging audiences through platform features
  3. Using Lyrical content to promote an authentic voice

Fans, critics, and celebrities alike assisted in the narration of this campaign and this can be seen through our creatives. For example, fan review graphics and animated market review graphics gave users a platform to speak to the public about the importance of this film in our social climate today.

Creating animated videos of tweets from each city Blindspotting was screened in was an effective and meaningful way to showcase the impact this film had on communities. Our market review animations aimed to convey that people were moved by the film.

In order to celebrate being certified fresh we created a video that announced the honor with an animated and on brand video.

Dynamic Instagram Story Highlights attracted new fans while catering to Daveed and Rafael's expanding fanbase. One-third of our daily 6K Instagram reach went on to engage with our Instagram Stories totaling to 135K impressions in stories. The music highlight in particular was among the highest performing Story in the entire campaign, showcasing how the use of new and emerging features can create organic interactions with the fans that benefit the campaign overall.

We created an Instagram story highlight around the music from the film that fans connected to.

We created an Instagram story highlight using all of the animated reviews for fans to experience all of the buzz the movie was receiving.

Dripping in Oakland swagger and confronting with themes of gentrification, the film uses Daveed and Rafael’s lyrics to tell the story through rap and poetry. Due to the fact that lyrics were so instrumental to this film, we utilized their words in creatives in an effort to resonate with our fans. With lyric graphics and series and GIF copy calling out the poetry, we tapped into the art that Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal are known for.

We utilized the scenes of  Daveed and Rafael rapping throughout the film by clipping  clipping them into GIF-able moments for fans to interact with on our socials.

We highlighted Daveed and Rafael lyrics throughout the campaign as a tool to connect with our fans and showcase the important message the film was aiming to achieve. The lyrics from our talent were the cornerstone of the campaign as we generated content that highlighted them.

Our campaign for Blindspotting aimed to be the voice for the film and a community for fans to come together to celebrate the message it stood for. Just as Daveed and Rafael strived to give a voice to Oakland through the story of their characters, we too aimed to give fans a platform to share their reactions to this film with the world. Our fan reviews  became the highest performing content on Twitter and were featured in multiple paid campaigns. While our lyric content that brought the poetry of our talent to the digital space for fans to experience.

An additional example of a review graphic that both highlighted the positive sentiment and unique look of the film. This series helped shaped the campaign as stylistic pieces that showcased how well the film was being received.

We took the opportunity to treat each positive review like it’s own stylistic piece while still fitting into the large aesthetic of the film. This review is an example of evaluating a quote with the essence of the Blindspotting style and flare.


By highlighting the talent of Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal and featuring the city of Oakland as a character in its own right, we were able to captivate and audiences to rally around this movie. Over the course of the campaign, we generated 119M Facebook impressions, 4.64M Twitter impressions and 1.94M Instagram impressions. Our goal of translating Blindspotting’s message across socials was achieved and created a safe space for users to come together to discuss social change in our country.

An additional example of the Blindspotting market review animations showcasing how this film has impacted the communities of people screening the film. This series furthered our goal of elevating conversation around this film.

We created animated reviews that used the neon accents in the film to convey the extremely positive reviews for Blindspotting. Finding unique ways to display positive reviews from critics was a challenged that benefited the style and message of the campaign.