DreamWorks partnered with Digital Media Management to promote the release of the new Spirit: Riding Free toy line.The goal was to generate buzz and excitement around the toy line during the holiday season.

The campaign goal was to generate sales and social awareness for the toy line during the busy holiday season. Our all star influencers promoted the initiative by creating unboxing videos on Instagram. The influencers posted on Instagram to their massive social followings; a combined 5 Million.

Our All star influencer included: Annie and Hayley from The Braytayleys, Missy Lanning from The Daily Bumps, The McClure Twins, The Tannerites Family, Alyssa from The Family Fun Pack, Jeff and Natalia Johnson from The Johnson Family, Lilly Ketchman from Dance Moms.

The influencers were sent a variety of different toys to unbox from the Spirit Riding Free line, and each influencer posted a video opening, playing, and reviewing the toys. Along with the videos on their Instagram pages, each influencer posted a minimum of 3 Instagram Stories playing with the toys, ALL with the Swipe up feature to purchase.

All of the influencers videos were aggregated on a Spirit microsite created by What The - a destination for Moms by actress Felicity Huffman. What The Flicka produced a 4-part video series integrating select Spirit toys. The series featured adorable kids teaching their parents how to let loose and play like no one's watching. Video topics included Time management, Well-Being, Relationships, and Work-Life Balance. All videos were posted natively to What The Flicka's social channels, with shares by Felicity Huffman and our participating mom influencers. They were also promoted on What The Flicka's home page and in our weekly newsletters. What The Flicka also built a co-branded microsite as a centralized location for the 4-part series, the influencer Unboxing videos, and product descriptions. The What the Flicka campaign reached 1 million people and over 500,000 video views.

The Spirit: Riding Free campaign reached over 20.3 million with over 3.3 million engagements. This influencer programs helped make the release of the Spirit Riding Free toys a huge success leading to an increase in toy sales during the duration of the campaign.The initiative also drove awareness of the show’s new episodes on Netflix, helping to revive a classic tale for new audiences.