Miss You Already


In a world where women stick together, Miss You Already shines out as a film that exemplifies that female friendship is stronger than the toughest hardship. To help promote the release of this movie, DM2 focused in on what female audiences wanted to share as well as play up user interaction to help spread the marketing in a word of mouth sense.


Roadside Attractions Films reached out to DM2 to find a way to connect with the wealth of women using Facebook every day. We developed a touching, inspirational campaign that created a community of dedicated followers on social accounts, and we were able to bolster the prestige of the film while also organically marketing the release. We developed initiatives with director Catherine Hardwicke as well as the actresses Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette to help amplify content by sharing directly to their social accounts.


The film opened to high interest in select markets. DM2’s social campaign drove awareness of the film and it’s storyline across all social and digital platforms, targeting and engaging largely female focused demographic.