I Love Dick – Season 1


The first season of Amazon Prime Video's I Love Dick presented DM2 with the challenge of crafting a social strategy that highlighted the show's unconventional thinking and arthouse sensibilities. Our strategy focused on content segmentation and ideating initiatives that had an organic and feminine feel to it. We also focused on leveraging a stellar cast featuring Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn. 


Our content strategy stayed true to the feminist aesthetic of the show while focusing on the themes of art, obsession, and desire. We established Instagram as an artistic hub with a scrolling grid gallery of unique key art and Chris' infamous letters to Dick. In the same way a painting is only one small part of a museum gallery, each tiled image was part of a larger picture that could only be seen when viewing the entire grid. This presented DM2 with the unique opportunity to build a separate strategy for our Instagram Stories as to not disrupt the look of the larger profile grid.

These Stories not only highlighted talent, but also fans of the show; we created a simple but effective call to action encouraging engagement by asking users to send us their own photos of themselves posed with billboards and posters for the show. In line with the themes of the show, fans were able to share exactly how far their obsession had gone.