Lionsgate Catalog 2018 – 2019 Year in Review


DMM was excited to continue our partnership with Lionsgate’s Home Entertainment team to manage the social media pages for its robust catalog of films through innovative social creatives, trending topics, and authentic conversation with long-time fans. Below is a summary of what we've worked towards in 2018 through 2019 so far.


Every month, we create original social content for Lionsgate’s top catalog pages, which include fan favorites Twilight, The Hunger Games, Dirty Dancing, The Expendables, Terminator 2, Step Up and more. By keeping these pages active and continuously engaging with fans, we maintain these valuable fanbases to help promote upcoming theatrical releases and franchise expansions.

Fresh Creative

To keep fans coming back to the social pages, we create custom social assets that entertain, engage, and tap into nostalgia. Our creatives range from gamified content to throwbacks assets to never-before-seen video clips and photos. We encourage fan participation by leveraging jokes and trivia, as well as tying our content into holidays and trending conversations in the larger cultural zeitgeist. Our best-performing creatives have earned millions in reach and engagement.

Trending Topics

Since our fans are incredibly active and love to talk about their favorite films, even decades after they’ve released in theaters, we actively seek out and engage with fans across the social platforms. To bring our older films into today’s social conversations, we find real-time opportunities to organically relate them to trending hashtags and memes. We’ve seen great success with this approach, and some of our top-performing content across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been associated with a trending moment or hashtag.

Authentic Conversation

To connect with our fans, we seek out and engage with relevant conversation happening beyond the films’ social pages. Our community management strategy focuses on one-on-one engagement as well as creating opportunities to shout out our fans (i.e. Fan Art Fridays). Additionally, we design our social creatives to serve as interactive experiences that our fans can play with using platform features, such as polls, Twitter threads and Instagram Stories.


By reaching out to not only core fans, but casual fans as well, and by creating content that resonates with them and drives conversation, we’ve had great success with our overall goal of increasing fan engagement across Lionsgate’s priority catalog titles. In 2018, we created over 480 pieces of original creative content, and generated over 159M in total reach and 3.4M in total engagements.