Battle of the Sexes


For Battle Of The Sexes, we focused our digital home entertainment campaign on highlighting the real-life achievements of social justice advocate Billie Jean King. We designed the campaign to showcase the crucial turning point in sports history that she spearheaded by leaning into her social following and by creating dynamic motion creatives.



The objective of the campaign was to capture the existing fan base of Billie Jean King and leverage them into fans of the film. Through our social creatives, we portrayed Billie Jean's lifetime achievements and leaned into the comedic elements of the star-studded cast in order to highlight the key themes as well as portray the film as something that all fans could enjoy. 


We were successfully able to capture the social justice advocate audience on socials as well as channel existing Emma Stone and Steve Carell fans. With the nominations of Steve and Emma for 2 Golden Globes, we were able to tout the award nominated pedigree of the film and reach an impressive 30K users.