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The Body Department With Shawn Johnson Reaches Young Women with an Important Message about Fitness

Digital Media Management is proud to kick off 2014 with the launch of our latest editorial website, The Body Department with Shawn Johnson.

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson came to Digital Media Management with a powerful vision to help teach young women to feel good about their bodies. Shawn's passion for fitness and connecting with women, combined with Digital Media Management's creative vision, and brand-building expertise led to the creation of TheBodyDepartment.com. It's a fun and safe fitness website for young women to find and share fitness tips, recipes, and stories.

Launched in January 2014--just in time for New Year's Resolution season--TBD features health and wellness content from contributors and experts including healthy recipes, workout guides, fitness playlists, and #Fitspiration (a hashtag dedicated to the site's sharing-friendly inspirational images). Leading up to the site's launch, Digital Media Management's team of social media managers strategized and executed a countdown campaign which tapped into Shawn's large following across her social media platforms. You can follow The Body Department on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For more information about how Digital Media Management partners with talent to strategize and manage social media campaigns, like the Body Department, please contact us as at info@digitalmediamanagement.com.

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