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November 15, 2013 - No Comments!

Catching Fire: Social Media Global Fan Day

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Instagram... There wasn't a social media platform that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire social media campaign didn't ignite for our first Global Fan Day on November 6, 2013. Digital Media Management was proud to partner with Lionsgate again to manage the social media campaign for The Hunger Games franchise and to execute such an innovative social media event for one of Hollywood's biggest movie block busters, which resulted in Global Fan Day becoming one of the most trended and buzzed about social media events in one day in movie studio history.

As the cast, including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and director Francis Lawrence, visited the headquarters of each social media platform to participate in a LIVE event interacting with fans, Digital Media Management created an innovative fan experience by involving them every step of the way in real time by showcasing behind-the-scenes videos and photos of the cast, enabling them to submit questions at each social media stop point, and other real time engagement and participation initiatives.

Devoting an entire day to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's fans across all social media channels with non-stop interactive Q&As, Global Fan Day fanned the flames of excitement of the movie's release across social media like no other film has ever been able to do. Our campaign resulted with tremendous engagement including multiple worldwide trends on Twitter and a record number of impressions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Tumblr. Digital Media Management was proud to help execute such a successful social media campaign for Catching Fire and build awareness ahead of its highly anticipated November 22nd release date on a grand, global scale.

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A Madea Christmas Social Media Campaign

Christmas may be right around the corner – but one of the biggest holidays just passed – Halloween! To capitalize on this landmark holiday, Digital Media Management created a Madea Halloween graphic using a still from a previous Madea film. The result – a viral Halloween success! On Facebook, the graphic was shared nearly 12,000 times with close to one million impressions, without a Facebook media buy! The graphic was also shared across additional platforms, including Tumblr and Instagram.

In addition to the Halloween graphic, Digital Media Management has created the ‘Madea HERstory’ series of graphics. To reacquaint Madea fans with past films, increase the Madea fan base and generate buzz around A Madea Christmas, Digital Media Management has been creating these graphics as a ‘walk down Madea memory lane’ as content leading into the Holiday season and the premiere of the film on December 13th.

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October 22, 2013 - No Comments!

Romeo & Juliet Snapchat Social Media Campaign

Digital Media Management and Relativity Media partnered together to create the first ever Snapchat social media campaign account leveraging talent from a feature film. Looking to connect to the increasingly scattered online teen audience, “Romeo Moments” was launched to support Romeo & Juliet, starring Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth and Ed Westwick.

Followers received daily images and videos directly within the social media app, and fans were encouraged to try and "catch" a screenshot of Romeo and share it on their social media channels, with the hashtag #RomeoMoments. Swarovski Entertainment, producers of the film, included an added incentive to the initiative as 10 lucky fans were awarded a Swarovski pendant.

The result was a highly engaging Snapchat social media campaign that involved fans from across the US helping to build buzz for the film in a groundbreaking new way. Young fans flocked to the Snapchat platform in droves and fans were replying instantaneously to our campaign's snaps with pictures and videos of their own.

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October 13, 2013 - No Comments!

Bring On The Best Seller

Digital Media Management is thrilled to have partnered with New York Times Best Selling Author, Marisha Pessl, on the relaunch of her website, on Tumblr. We worked hand-in-hand to curate a variety of engaging content from video diaries to behind-the-scenes photos to media buzz for her critically acclaimed sophomore novel, Night Film.

What sets Night Film apart from other novels of its genre is the multi-media platforms used to draw the reader into the world and blur the lines between imagination and reality. Starting with the attention grabbing book trailer and found footage videos, Digital Media Management worked with Marisha and Random House Publishing to strategically release the exclusive material on

Click here to follow Marisha on Tumblr and pick up a copy of Night Film today!

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We’re The Millers Social Media Campaign

August is the bookend of the summer movie season. The studios have released their giant tent poles throughout May, June, and July, and some releases found their footing and stood above the box office competition. We're The Miller's is one such film, that finished off the summer season with a bang!

Thanks in part to Digital Media Management’s excellent social media campaign, Warner Bros. Pictures’ We’re The Millers hit dead center, becoming the highest-grossing August release R-rated comedy in US box office history with a domestic gross of over $131 million (and climbing). Our strategy was simple: embrace the comedy. Rather than keep the marketing strategy more subdued, we fully engrossed ourselves in all the hilarious possibilities – no matter how extreme – that the premise of the film offered. The result was a series of initiatives wholly unique to the film, ranging from “Road Trip Bingo” to “Millers Safety Tips” to “How to Be a Miller.” Our team used multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) to reach the broadest spectrum of followers in the social marketplace.

From the moment we started working on the project, our goals and technique was clear: do everything we could to transport fans into the sidesplitting world of We’re the Millers. By creating “in world” images and strategies, we opened the doors to users across the Internet, allowing them to actively participate in the campaign, resulting in an experience that created further interest in the film itself.

Though truthfully, Jennifer Aniston doing a striptease certainly didn’t hurt...

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The Conjuring Social Media Campaign

The Conjuring fans on social media across America know the nightmare is real. Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Conjuring (directed by James Wan) terrified its box office competition, debuting number one at the box office with a weekend gross of $41.5 million, setting a new record for original R-rated horror films, and setting a new standard for horror film marketing on social media.

Digital Media Management had the pleasure of working on The Conjuring’s cross-platform socials (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr). Our goal was to capture the eeriness of the film across all its pages, utilizing assets to create a stark, cold, and often terrifying social environment. At the same time we were careful to never overindulge in content, never creating anything that in any way conflicted with the simple traditionalist style of the film. Bringing horror back to the fans, we came up with new and innovative ways to integrate them as much as possible into our social media marketing efforts.

The film struck a chord with critics, moviegoers and fans across all social media platforms. On top of its record-breaking domestic gross, The Conjuring scored an impressive 84% Fresh rating on, and an A- Cinema Score. In a summer so overstuffed with explosions, superheroes, robots, monsters, and 3D ticket prices, crowds embraced a classically tailored horror film with open arms.

The nightmare is real…and we helped make it happen.

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The Hangover 3 Social Media Campaign

The wolf pack’s back, but this time... Alan has a personal Tumblr.

Digital Media Management had the distinct honor of being the social media agency for the final film in Warner Bros. and Todd Philip’s epic The Hangover trilogy. This was an intense, interactive social media campaign that required our crackerjack theatrical team firing on all cylinders to develop an innovative social media marketing strategy.

In order to dig deep into The Hangover Part III’s social media campaign, we decided to take a step back. We analyzed what exactly made these films successful, and why they have experienced such cultural longevity. The answer was the quirkiness of the world, its characters, and the relationships between those characters. Our goal then was to bring all of that – the emotions, the humor, the tone – to the social media space, wrap it in a giraffe-patterned bow, and release it on the unsuspecting public.

Our strategy involved creating engaging content for the film's social media pages, as well as design, build and manage an "in-world" Tumblr for one of the film's most loved and hilarious characters, Alan. The first element led to the creation of countdown images using official assets, .GIFs, and “Alanisms,” which were graphics highlighting the quirkiness of Zach Galifianakis’ Alan Garner character. The third, and arguably most crucial aspect of our social media marketing was designing the “in-world” initiative, and after many hours of brainstorming and design, "Alan's Facebook" was created as the personal Tumblr as if Alan himself had created it... oh yeah, he did!

We built Alan’s page from the ground up, capturing his uniquely childish, yet slightly profound, voice and tone. Being that Tumblr is an image-based format, we created wholly original content, utilizing every format from Photoshop to paper and crayons. The final product proved to be an enormous success, with fan engagement through the roof. The final cherry on top of Alan’s Facebook Tumblr was the “Howl At Me” feature, which allowed fans to ask the character a question and receive a goofy, unexpected answer. Our images and .GIFs across platforms were unbelievably popular, and fans gobbled up every last ounce.

The Hangover Part III presented an interesting challenge, as we had to totally immerse ourselves in the world of the film and its characters, in effect becoming Alan. The result was something truly special, something the fans could proudly consider themselves part of. From our still images to our .GIFs to the hand-drawn letters and giraffe drawings, The Hangover Part III was one for the record books.

We’re all part of Alan’s wolf pack now.

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The Last Stand Fights for Home Entertainment Domination

He’s back. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest action film, The Last Stand, terminated the competition in the home entertainment charts, making it the best-selling DVD and Blu-Ray in its debut week. Blu-Ray sales were particularly dominating, garnering a market share of 43% of all sales. Fans like their Arnold, and they like him in all his muscly, gun-totin’, High Definition glory.

Digital Media Management is proud to have been a major contributor to the success of The Last Stand’s home entertainment performance. Our theatrical team designed eye-popping imagery and defined the social campaign with a very particular Schwarzenegger-ian tone, creating a social environment that encouraged fans to engage in the property. The result was high traffic towards DVD and Blu-Ray sales, as well as the digital download available from iTunes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cinematic icon. His hard-boiled visage sells tickets. The trick was making something old feel new and fresh, and our team knocked it out of the park.

Until next time…hasta la vista, baby.

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Digital Media Management is very excited to announce our latest collaboration with Scholastic. This week, we launched the Hunger Games Fan Ambassador Program--a multi-platform social media campaign where fans can participate in a new challenge every two weeks. The final stage of the campaign will determine the ultimate Catching Fire fan, who will be rewarded with 2 tickets to the Catching Fire movie premiere along with an array of amazing prizes. See the campaign in action here:

In addition to our fan ambassador program, we recently released a user-generated book trailer for Catching Fire. We reached out to Hunger Games fans all over the U.S. and asked them to make a video about why they loved The Hunger Games. You can see the final result for yourself by watching the video below.

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May 22, 2013 - No Comments!

Digital Media Management Publishes Live Tumblr GIFS During The 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Digital Media Management was proud to partner with Billboard and Don Mischer Productions on this year's 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. Our team spent the months leading up to the live awards show putting together a robust and innovative social media strategy, and on the day worked backstage, on the red carpet and in the social media newsroom, to execute all social and digital production. We partnered with Tumblr to plan and execute a first-of-its-kind live .GIF'ing" social media experience where professional GIF'ers were flown in to capture and create animated GIFS of the red carpet, show, and backstage in real time and pushed out across the social platform by the Digital Media Management team for maximum virality. Variety took notice of our social media first! Visit Billboard's Tumblr to see all the created GIFs.

 photo tumblr_mn2smunjbW1r4poono1_400_zps63f50961.gif

 photo tumblr_mn2smunjbW1r4poono2_r2_500_zps75ab5474.gif

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